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    Kimberly Sowell pours her passion, vision, and love for Jesus Christ into every message, allowing her to connect heart-to-heart with women from all walks of life. Kimberly challenges women to live beyond themselves to experience the joy of a surrendered life for Christ. Her warm stories and humor intertwine with profound truths from Scripture, allowing Kimberly to usher her audience deeper to the heart of God. Her love for God, His Word, and the women He has created is evident in Kimberly's personal walk with Christ.

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    Kimberly Sowell, M.Div., has reached thousands of women through her high-energy messages fueled by a deep love for Jesus. She's engaging, funny, and full of energy. Kimberly is a gifted storyteller, bringing to life both Bible stories and life stories, and you can always trust that she'll teach God's Word with a challenge to women to live a surrendered life for Christ.

Jump into this engaging study on the life of King Saul, a chosen leader whose ups and downs reveal the human potential for greatness and failure. As you read and reflect on Saul's circumstances, responses, and outcomes, discover God's gracious sovereignty in urging you to walk daily in the freedom of joyful obedience.

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Kimberly has a heart for missions. In 2013, she became an advocate for missions in Bangladesh, specifically focusing her attention on the Light of Hope Learning Center. Kimberly and the BFF Team (BFF stands for Bangladesh: For Faith and Freedom) raise awareness, rally prayer support, equip and mobilize volunteer teams, and raise financial support through BFF parties that highlight products made by young ladies at the Light of Hope Learning Center.

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March 5 Ladies Mission Night, Lancaster, SC
April 19 Laurens County Women's Conference, Laurens, SC
September 7-9 Retreat at Beach Colony Resort, Eastern Conference Women's Missionary Society of the Southern Methodist Church
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